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All home users get stuck at sometime with their home computers. Sometimes the PC is running too slowly or crashing too often. Perhaps there is a need for a new hard drive, extra memory or perhaps that extra Apple or Windows machines needs to pick up the Internet in addition to the main one. Support lines can sometimes help you resolve a problem usually based on a script of questions and answers at the support desk. Internet support sites can often be confusing to follow. can provide a wide range of services for home users at very affordable rates. We can help resolve many problems and answer most questions in a way which can be understood. The aim is to allow you, the user, to understand the reason for the problem and not simply provide a fix which still means you are left in the dark as to what actually caused the issue and unsure if it will return.

We don't bite. Like to help and can even come to you at weekends or in the evenings if it's more convienient for you.

businessesblank image can provide a wide variety of business IT services for small and medium sized enterprises. We aim to provide a professional and complete solution from consultancy to support. One area in which we excel is in advise to new businesses where the requirements for the new office or home working is unsure. We advise on the best solutions at cost for you. We are platform neutral so won't try to push a Windows or Linux solution onto you as the best way forward if you perfer Apple equipment. However if you haven't yet decided don't just assume Windows is all there is because it's not always the cheapest option. Linux and Apple can be a cheaper alternative, especially if you need to install a server and multiple workstations/laptops and is no more difficult to use. We can advise in all areas. We also provide post installation support for systems already in place. Perhaps you need to grow your requirements, unsure about how to protect your network securely from the outside world. Maybe you need to look at working from home. Whatever your problems or needs please consider us. Here at we can provide support needs going forward too so we're only every a telephone call or email away most of the time.

We can also provide some web design services too. If you have a new business that needs a new website or perhaps have outgrown your existing one please contact us for information and advice on the best way forward. Provding something basic butu professional need not cost the Earth and we work with you on design options from the start to understand your needs.

Resolving your IT problems is what we're here for.

charitiesblank centre

We love to work with charities. Understanding that charities are working for a good cause we like to help them too. For this reason we always discount our services to registered charities by 17.5% just to be nice. But just because we've lowered our costs to you, that doesn't mean we lower our service. We still aim to make you happy and provide the best service we can.

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