Contact us

As a modern no nonsense sort of company we provide lots of ways for you to get in touch with us and tell us your woes, desires and wishes.

lady with dogFirstly we have the telephone. Call when you wish and leave a message when we're too busy to pick up. We will come back to you always. The number is 0870-8966496. We even have a musical hold - how's that for modern?

Then we have the fax. Just send your faxes to 07092-119054. We shall place them in the in-tray and admire them too!

If you prefer 'Instant Messenger' and have one of those shiny Apple computers then you'll find us on iChat at 'markrich'.

If you're an email junkie and desire to send us an message, then please do. Our address is

If you're ultra modern and cool like us then use Skype. Our contact name is 'markrich'. If you don't yet have Skype - click on the logo and download it for free.

Add me to Skype

If you prefer to put things into envelopes and send them to us with a stamp then you can use our address,

14 Bennett's Court, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 4XH

Hope that all helps!

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