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All costs of addition hardware, software, materials or other equipment purchased will be paid for in addition to services offered.

All work is undertaken on a time cost basis and is usually from the point of arrival at the premises. The charges per hour for home users is typically £30 / €45. The charges for business users is typically £50 / €75 per hour. The charges for registered charities is typically lady with book£50 / €75 per hour less 17.5%. Proof of registered charity status is required in order to benefit from the discount. The estimated cost of the services offered is usually provided before work is undertaken however this is only estimated and additional hours on work may raise costs.

Long term work such as website design (including graphic design and branding) and assistance on existing projects may be charged differently for the assignment as a whole or part.

While all efforts will be made to complete the given tasks as quickly as possible, time is not of the essence in any contract and therefore no liability for any loss that you may sustain by reason of delay is accepted.

Travel expenses are usually made at 50p per mile or an agreed sum, especially if it involves leaving this little island we are on. This includes any travel to and from your premises and from there to any third party place for example to work or purchase additional items.

Fees and expenses must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date or as otherwise agreed in writing.

Additional remedial work will be carried out at no extra cost for a period of 31 days, following completion of the tasks that is reasonably assessed to be required as the direct consequence of any defect in the work undertaken by me.

Any changes to the tasks given and/or instructions for work must be in writing and signed by me.


All advice on configuration and future investments is given to the best of knowledge at the time it was given and accepted by the receiver/customer with this fact in mind.

old lady on chairWhile recommendations on software or hardware for present or future purchases has been made it should be clear that the advisor is not a member of the suppliers of those companies or services.

No liability is accepted for the work or any proprietary software or hardware installed or advised upon by me will fulfil your requirements.

Mark Rich will not accept liability for any faults or failures of equipment which was not part of the work undertaken or for any of the equipment which fails as an indirect result of my work. For example, if a computer dies while I am using it and my actions were not the cause of that problem then I accept no liability.

Mark Rich will not accept liability for any losses that you may sustain by reason of the equipment upon which I am working being unavailable for use.

All work undertaken is done so under instructions specifically made to Mark Rich and under mutual agreement. While settings are changes are made to equipment that are not part of said agreement those are only made in order to facilitate the requirements and aims desired.

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